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Create Policy Based on Reporting Usernames


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Web Security Service - WSS


The Symantec Web Security Service Content Filtering Rules policy editor allows you to create policy based on usernames that currently exist in the reporting database. Rather than using the Auth Connector to synchronize the full user/group list from the enterprise Active Directory (AD), this subset of username information comes from user credentials, such as the Windows login credentials. The following use cases illustrate the usefulness of this ability.


  1. In Solutions Mode, select Content Filtering > Policy.
  2. Click Add Rule. The service displays the Create New Rule wizard.
  3. Click the Users row. The editor displays the User tab.
  4. On the first wizard page, Who, click Users From Reporting. 
    1. Click On Reporting.
    2. Select the Usernames for this policy.
  5. Click Next and continue defining the rule as required.