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Some Encryption Desktop components work without a license key


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Desktop Email Encryption Desktop Email Encryption, Powered by PGP Technology Drive Encryption Drive Encryption Powered by PGP Technology File Share Encryption File Share Encryption Powered by PGP Technology


If you install Encryption Desktop and install it without entering a license key, several components will still be activated:

  1. PGP Viewer - allows encrypted email messages to be decrypted but does not integrate with the user's email client. Messages can be dragged and dropped onto PGP Viewer to decrypt.
  2. PGP Zip - allows individual files to be encrypted or decrypted.
  3. PGP Shredder - securely deletes files.
  4. Encrypt, sign or decrypt a file by right clicking on the file from Windows Explorer and choosing an option from the Symantec Encryption Desktop options.


Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.4.2 and above.


These components are not licensed separately.


Encryption Desktop consists of three components:

  1. Desktop Email Encryption
  2. File Share Encryption
  3. Drive Encryption

Each of these components requires licensing and PGP Zip, PGP Viewer and PGP Shredder are included in that license.

Installing Encryption Desktop with a temporary license key entitles you to evaluate Desktop Email Encryption, File Share Encryption and Drive Encryption.

Using the product without a license key or for longer than the temporary license key period breaches the license agreement.

If you wish to use any of the product's components, including components that are not licensed separately, you need to purchase a license.