Activate two-factor authentication for the Web Security Service Portal


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Web Security Service - WSS


Steps to activate two-factor authentication for the Web Security Service (WSS) portal


Web Security Service


  1. Log into the WSS Portal
  2. Navigate to Service > Account Maintenance > Admins & Access > Admins and Users

  3.  Enable the 'Require Two Factor Authentication' switch shown above.

    Note: When you enable Two-Factor Authentication in the WSS portal, it forces all administrators in your account to use Two-Factor Authentication. If you prefer more granular Two-Factor Authentication controls, log with your Symantec Secure Login credentials to and click Turn Two-Factor Authentication ON.
  4. Individual users will be prompted to set up two-factor authentication on their next login to the portal, where the last steps of configuration will be taken. After entering their credentials, users will see the following page. Through their mobile devices, they can proceed through this process by clicking the Get Started button in the prompt on screen.

  5. Users can download the Symantec VIP Access application on their phone. Enter phone number to have a link for the app sent in an SMS text message. If the user already has the VIP Access app installed on their phone, click, "I already have VIP access". Currently, the Symantec VIP Access app is the only two-factor authentication app supported. Apps such as Duo Mobile, Google Authenticator, etc. will not work for this setup. 

    If administrators in an organization require two-factor authentication but cannot make use of the VIP client, SMS text messages and voice calls can also be used for multi-factor challenge responses. To set up two-factor authentication so codes can be sent via text or voice call, click Get code by phone.

  6. If using the VIP access app, Enter the Credential ID and code from your VIP Security token and click Next.

  7.  Set up a secondary method: 

  8. Two-factor authentication will now be set up with a primary method and secondary method listed.

  9. Click Finish

Now when users enter their credentials to log into the portal, the system will issue a challenge to their mobile device. When the user accepts the challenge by providing the supplied code (or approving the request pushed by the VIP Access app), they will be granted access.

 Additional information can be found here.