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Limits and Actions of Content filtering policy in Web Security Service


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Web Security Service - WSS


  • Limits and actions for content filtering policies in Web Security Service (WSS)
  • Differences between Group A and Group B in Content Filtering Policies


Content and Limits—Applies to content parameters. For example, set the policy to only apply to selected file types, browsers, or actions within web applications.

  • Actions, such as media uploads and downloads, joining meetings, games.
  • Specific browser vendors.
  • File Types.
  • Schedule—Define when the policy rules apply, such as during core business hours.

The default is the rule applies to all contents at any time.

Note: Depending on the type of Action you try to set up, it is configured in a different Content Filtering Policy Group:

  • Outbound actions can only be in Group A.
  • Inbound actions can be in either Group A or Group B.
  • Limits (File Types) can only be in Group B
  • Complex Verdicts can only be in Group B