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Emails sent to a customer are not being delivered


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The sender considers the mail to be legitimate and would like the filter removed. You would like to know what steps can be taken to prevent email from being blocked in the future.

Please be advised this solution is for non-Symantec Email customers. If you are a Symantec Email customer, please contact Technical Support


To make sure your emails are deemed legitimate, Symantec recommends the following:

  • Make sure your database does not contain older email addresses of those who do not want to receive your promotional or marketing email. Send confirmation emails to determine who should remain on your list and who to remove.
  • Do not accept email addresses from third-party marketers, unless you can assure that such email addresses are legitimate and that such subscribers want to receive your promotional or marketing email.
  • If a subscriber no longer wants to receive your emails, provide a method by which a subscriber can opt-out. Promptly remove these opted-out email addresses from your list.
  • Promptly remove from your email list emails that bounce back to you. This indicates that the recipient is no longer available.
  • Use a double opt-in method to sign up subscribers. This will confirm that the subscriber did request your promotional and marketing email.
  • Remove email addresses of those who do not open your email messages.
  • Consider using a third party to manage and update the addresses on your email list.
  • The above are some of the reasons why email is being tagged spam. Old unverified third-party email lists result in subscribers feeling they receive unsolicited email. Implementing these suggestions are a best practice recommendation by Symantec.


If you still have any issues, please ask the recipient to open a support case with us for further investigation.