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Data Center my mobile device connects to when protected by Web Security Service


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


You are protecting your iOS and Android devices with the Web Security Service and you want to know how the device decides to which data center connect.


Mobile devices will resolve to either or

The Web Security Service geolocates the device based on the IP of your DNS server. You can follow these steps to find out how this is decided:

  1. Run the command "nslookup"
    • This will give you the IP of your DNS server as the result
  2. Once you have the IP, go to and run the address in their GeoIP2 Precision Service
  3. Maxmind will return the location of your DNS server.

The mobile device will connect to the nearest data center depending on the geolocation given for your DNS server.

If you want to know where are the data centers located, please refer to Data center IP addresses for Web Security Services