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How to clear your browser's cache for the ATP 3.x web interface


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Advanced Threat Protection Platform


When browsing the ATP 3.x web interface, you see elemants that appear broken or incomplete. You want to be able to clear just the ATP cache from your web browser.


Many web elements changed from ATP 2.3 and some have changed even within the ATP 3.x releases. You browser may have cached the old elements and displaying the cached version instead of pulling a fresh copy of the code and images.


Windows almost universally supports this process: CTRL and press F5 or click the refresh button to clear the cache for the specific page you are on.

Steps for clearing the ATP cache in Firefox:

  1. Select the Firefox Menu button.
  2. (Within Firefox 57 or newer, select Library)
  3. Select the History icon.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and select Show All History.
  5. Search for the ATP's IP or hostname using the Search History field in the upper-right corner.
  6. Within the results, right-click the appropriate page and select Forget About This Site.

Steps for clearing the ATP cache in Chrome:

  1. Open Dev Tools by pressing: F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I (or on Mac: Opt+Cmd+I)
  2. Leaving the dev tools open, right-click or click and hold the reload button next to the address bar. A hidden menu will open.
  3. Choose: "Empty Cache and Hard Reload"

MS Edge and Internet Explorer 11 require that you delete the full cache of all web sites. They still support CTRL-F5 to reload the current page.