Collect SymDiag data from Unified Agent


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When troubleshooting a specific issue with Unified Agent (UA), the Technical Support team may request data such as network, service, diagnostic and trace information. The SymDiag utility will collect all the data required by the support team to investigate the situation. It is extremely easy to use and it doesn't require an installation process.


Obtain the latest version of the SymDiag tool from the link below or from the Unified Agent itself (see Steps below).

Download and Detailed Description

Step-by-Step guide to gather the data:

  1. Download the SymDiag tool. (Right click Unified Agent Status icon > Status… > Advanced Tab > Download SymDiag Tool).

  2. After the file download, double-click to open.

  3. The tool will check the latest version available. Read the License agreement and click I accept the EULA to proceed.

  4. Click on Collect Data for Support.

  5. Select Unified Agent from the products. Click on Next.

  6. Select the Data Type.
    1. Collects on logs generated by the Unified Agent.
    2. This is the default option as it collects all the necessary information to troubleshoot.
    3. Collects basic data and additional information from the environment.
    4. Only used when the support team requests a trace file (.etl). Enter "0" for minutes to gather so it will gather indefinitely.

  7. Select applicable "Additional scan options". Click Next.

  8. Reproduce issue. Wait a few minutes after issue is observed to gather further data.

  9. SymDiag will collect the data.

  10. Select the preferred method to attach the file to the case.
    1. Updates a case or creates a new one.
    2. Updates the open evidence request.
    3. Used when the information is sent through a different communication channel (Recommended).

  11. Give information on file (optional).

  12. This procedure will save the Symantec DataBase Zip (.sdbz) file.