Exempt Files From Error Handling for password-protected archives


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Web Security Service - WSS


Some files are rejected by ICAP error detection based on their type. For example, malware scanning routinely rejects password-protected archives. The Web Security Service allows you to exempt specific file types from ICAP error handling and allow them to continue to the client.


  1. Go to https://portal.threatpulse.com and log in using your credential.
  2. In Solutions mode, select Threat Protection > Policy


  1. Scroll down to Scanning Error Handling and click Add Scanning Error Exemption. The portal displays the Exemption Rule dialog.

  • (Optional) Select the From Where sources and click Add; click Next.
  • (Optional) Select the To Where destinations and click Add; click Next.
  1. Select the file type for the rule (currently only Add Password Protected Archives) and click Add.

  1. Click Finish.
  2. At the top page Click Activate bottom in order to apply the Threat Protection Policy.