Getting a Xaction error when new CICS region is coming up


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Getting a Xaction error when new CICS region is coming up, what would cause this?



Component: TSSMVS


You can issue TSS MODI FAC(your cics_facility) 
Check the attributes for XDEF or NOXDEF. 
XDEF turns on LCF protection by default, so if the transaction is not 
owned as an OTRAN, there will be an LCF check done. If the user doesn't 
have access to the LCF, a violation occurs. 

OTRAN overrides LCFs. If the transaction is owned as an OTRAN, there 
will not be an LCF check: Either the user is allowed access to the OTRAN 
or not. With NOXDEF you should get a OTRAN violation not XACTION 

XACTION is the type of check that LCFs show up in error messages. 
You do not own and permit LCFs the way 
you do other resources (ie OTRAN, DATASET, etc). LCFs are basically 
either an inclusive list (allowed access to only what is in the list) 
or an exclusive list (allowed access to everything except what is in 
the list).