Disconnected status of Blue Coat device location due to Integration token expiration.


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Web Security Service - WSS


A ProxySG is configured to use common policy (also known as Hybrid Policy) with the Web Security Service and the status of the Blue Coat device location is shown as Disconnected.

Each ProxySG device configured to download policy from the Web Security Service must be integrated with the Portal account. It is a common error to integrate only one device with the portal account or to forget about the expiration of the integration token. In case of not having a device integrated with the Web Security Service, the ProxySG won't be able to download the CPL file from the Portal. 

On the other hand, having an Integration Token expired would have the same impact on the service.


These are the steps to renew an expired Integration Token or create a new one :

  1. In Service mode, select Account Maintenance > Integrations.
  2. Click New Integrations. The portal displays the New Integration dialog.
  3. Select ProxySG.
  4. The portal generates a random token. Define the token attributes.
    1. Select the Expiry Type.
  • Time-based—You define the date and time when this token expires.
  • Usage-based—You define how many times this token can be used. On the defined number, the token becomes invalid.
  • Never expires.
  1. Set the expiration criteria.
  • For Time-based, select the date and time.
  • For Usage-based, set the valid number of uses.
  1. (Optional) Enter a comment that defines the token's purpose.


  1. Click Save.

The portal will displays the token.

To review the attributes, select a token and click Edit. You can also Delete or temporarily Disable (and re-Enable) the token.