Unable to remote control a Mac machine through Ghost Solution Suite


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Ghost Solution Suite


When trying to use VNC to remote control a Mac machine through the Ghost Solution Suite you find that you're unable to do so.

"Failed to get server address"


This issue is caused by how GSS maintains the system's IP addresses in inventory.  When using the %AGENTIPADDR% GSS tries to connect to the ethernet IP address not to the wireless IP address that may be in use.  


Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 3.x
Remote connection software like VNC
Mac Machines running High Sierra and using a wireless NIC to connect to the network


The fix for this issue requires doing an edit to the RemoteControlTools.ini file located in the eXpress share on your Ghost Solution Suite.  Open this file in a text editing.  Located your call to VNC and replace the token being passed to VNC.  If you're using %AGENTIPADDR% replace it with %COMPNAME%.  As long as your DNS returns the appropriate IP then this token will work to make a remote connection to your Mac clients. 


See HOWTO124693 for more information about how to set up remote connections in GSS.