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Would like to use more than 9 decimal places in my output. Error message produced: DYL-288W CHANGED TO 9 DECIMALS


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Output is producing a moved over decimal place value. Noted that we need more than 9 decimal places. How is this resolved?

We receive error message DYL-288W CHANGED TO 9 DECIMALS 


Component: V:RSLT


The message Guide: Page 34, Do a find on the 288W message. 

288W CHANGED TO 9 DECIMALS Warning! A patch has been applied that 
forces precision to 9 decimals. 

The Install Guide page 79 it talks about the option you specified. Note that the option in use says it specifically FORCES nine decimal places. 


W Forces nine decimal places and replaces the error message with a warning when there are more than nine digits to the right of the decimal point in a COBOL copybook field definition or in a field following the $COBOL keyword. 

S Same processing result. Suppresses the resultant warning message. 

The default is E. 

For example, DECIML9=S. 

The 9 place limit is a product limitation.