Unified agent having issues with 3rd party Captive Portals


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Web Security Service - WSS


Sometimes customer may be trying to connect to a network that asks for users to authenticate in a Captive Portal before granting internet connection, like a mall or a hotel. This cause UA to go into failure mode.


As UA default state is to be in a Fail Closed state, this will block all attemps to connect to the Captive Portal site causing the user to be locked out of internet connectivity.


To solve this you can set UA in Fail Open mode to allow connections when there is no internet connectivity. This way after user connects to WiFi, UA goes into failure mode, allowing user to enter the captive portal credentials and once internet connectivity is granted UA will come back to a connected status.

To set up the Fail Open state follow these steps:

1) Go to portal.threatpulse.com
2) Go to the Service tab.
3) Go to Mobility.
4) Under Fail Behaviour, select the option Allow all Traffic.