Import SSL Certificate in PacketShaper S-Series


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PacketShaper S-Series


Customer needs to import their own CA-signed SSL certificate to replace the existing self-signed SSL certificate in the PacketShaper S-Series (S200/S400/S500)


  1. Prepare these files:
  • Root certificate 
  • Intermediate certificate (if any)
  • Server public certificate (New PacketShaper certificate)
  • Server private key 


  1. Open the cert in text editor. Bundle all certificates into one PEM file with the following arrangement order:
  • Root certificate 
  • Intermediate certificate
  • Server public certification (New PacketShaper certificate)
  • Server private key

Refer to KB TECH248963 


  1. Save the PEM file. For example, save the file as "test2.pem"


  1. Upload the PEM file to the PacketShaper:
  • Login to the PacketShaper WebUI.
  • Go to Advanced UI > Info Tab > File Browser > Click "3.0" > SSL 
  • Upload the "test2.pem" to PacketShaper. 
  • Close all the PacketShaper WebUI access.   


  1. Login to PacketShaper via SSH. Perform the following commands:
#cd ..
#cd 3.0
#cd ssl
#setup ssl install test2.pem


  1. Restart PacketShaper to take effect