Cannot Download and Distribute only selected Updates while creating Software Update Policy


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


How to select only certain Software Updates from one bulletin to be downloaded and distributed when Creating Software Updates Policy page.

For example, only distribute KBXXXX.exe from bulletin MS18-XXX.


Failed to download one or more of the Software Updates due to some network/proxy restriction.


Patch Management Solution versions 7.5.x, 7.6.x and 8.x.x


As per the Patch Management product design:

If a bulletin has multiple Software Updates in it and all of them are applicable to the clients, when you create a Software Update Policy to download and distribute it, all those applicable Software Updates will be downloaded by the client. It is irrespective of whether or not you make a check-box when creating the Software Update Policy.

If you still do not want to distribute those necessary/applicable Software Updates to the clients, then follow the steps mentioned in below forum to remove the Software Updates from the Software Update Policy before it is turned ON.