Retrieving CFSSL logs from a ProxySG appliance.
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Retrieving CFSSL logs from a ProxySG appliance.


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The purpose of this article is to provide the steps required to retrieve CFSSL logs from a ProxySG. These logs can be used along SSL Proxy logs when issues during the SSL Handshake take place.


  • Navigate to the following advanced URL: https://<ip.address.of.proxy>:8082/cfssl/setdebugmask. Here you will need to specify exactly what you want traced. In most cases you will need to select all of the options if an CFSSL Debug Log has been requested from you.
  • Go to the actual debug page at https://<ip.address.of.proxy>:8082/cfssl/Debug, or simply follow the Display cfssl Debug Info from the SetDebugMask console page.
  • Generate a request through the ProxySG replicating the issue, refresh the /cfssl/Debug page, and upload the trace to the technical case for further troubleshooting.