What I can do to avoid having a lot of traffic on my network?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


The customer is managing more than 5000 clients and their Symantec Management Platform (SMP) pushed out 12 terabytes on packages. It is about 40meg per machine on a daily basis. What I can do in order to reduce how much information is being sent through the network?


ITMS 7.6, 8.0, 8.1


These are some suggestions for some settings but not all. With those we are trying to see how much information the Notification Server is trying to send to the client computers and vice versa:


  1. Check how frequently the Altiris Agent reports back. You can see this at Configuration tab/Altiris Agent/Altiris Agent Configuration. There are many policies that applies to the different collections, but in general in the All Desktop Computers (excluding ‘Package Servers’) policy depending how many computers you have, you may need to setup this between 2 – 4 hrs range in the Request new configuration information option. As well, if you have Basic Inventory running more frequently than 1 day, put it back to one day.
  2. Check how frequently is running Microsoft Active Directory Imports. Under Actions menu>Discovery>Import Microsoft Active Directory, check how frequently each rule is applied. Check on Specified Schedule and set a time that may fit better on your environment.
  3. Check if there are Solutions Agents being deployed constantly. You can check this under Settings menu>Agents/Plug-ins and look on any of the Solutions subfolders that have an Agent Rollout option. Change the Schedule, if any, that is running too frequently.
  4. Check if you are running Network Discovery. Go to Actions menu>Discovery>Network Devices​ or Settings menu>Discovery and Inventory>Network Discovery Settings and see if there is a Schedule setup for it. Make sure that it is not running too frequently.
  5. Run the following reports in Reports menu> All Reports>Notification Server Management/Server, check the "Packages Distribution by Download Type​" report and see how your packages are been downloaded.