How to remove a Hierarchy Node?


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


How to remove a Hierarchy Node?


Objects replicated through hierarchy are considered ‘hierarchy managed’ at the destination and are read only.
When a node is removed from a hierarchy, all objects previously replicated are effectively reset, to be no longer hierarchy managed, enabling the user to take control of the object and delete, modify etc, if desired.
There is a table called ItemImportMethod which lists each Item and the method of which it came to exist in the database.

The ‘ImportMethod’ column can have the following values:
0 – Standard local object
1- External Object, e.g. item imported from xml.
2 – Originated from standard Replication
3 – Hierarchy managed item
When a hierarchy managed item is reset due to the node being removed from the hierarchy structure, the ‘ImportMethod’ column for the item is changed from 3 to 0.

Another approach for removing an object that was replicated is to export the desired policy, folder, filter, report, etc and open the XML file. Look at the beginning of the file for an entry called 'OriginNSSourceNS'. Replace the GUID on it with the local NS Guid (you can find out this by running 'Select * from vThisNS') and import it back. Now you should be able to do a right-click>Delete on it.