Parent Management Platform server does not have the communication profile of Child


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


In a hierarchy environment, Parent SMP (Symantec Management Platform) server does not have the communication profile of Child. Whereas, the Child SMP server gets the parent communication profile replicated.


SMP (Symantec Management Platform) 7.x.x and 8.x.x


This is working as per the Product design.

There is no replication rule present to replicate the communication profile from child SMP server to parent.

Still if it is required, the communication profile of Child server can be imported to SMP server by following the below steps:

On Parent:

  1. On the child server console, go to Settings> Agent/Plug-ins> Symantec Management Agent.
  2. Expand Symantec Agent Communication profiles.
  3. Right Click on child SMP server profile and click on Export.
  4. Provide the Encryption password and click on OK and Save it.

On Child:

  1. Copy the communication profile .xml file to Parent SMP server.
  2. Go to Settings > Agents/Plug-ins > Symantec Management Agent.
  3. Right click on Symantec Management Agent Communication profiles and click Import Profile.
  4. Browse the copied file, provide the encryption password and click on OK.
  5. Now, the child SMP profile will be listed and can be selected in Agent Push settings/other places.