License counting for ESM Agents


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange


You want to know that how the ESM Manager count licenses, and then also what will be happened when licenses are not enough.



The ESM Agent installation do not meter licenses. In other words, before you register the ESM Agents on ESM Manager, either installing or uninstalling Agents do not affect to license counting. ESM licenses are managed in a way that allocates licenses manually. If the number of Agents registered on the ESM Manager exceeds the number of licenses you allocated to the ESM Manager, then you can not do an audit on the ESM Manager. It means that you can not run any policies against any Agents even if the policy run is just for only a single Agent.



  • Control Compliance Suite 11.5


If needed you can allocate more licenses to the ESM Manager or delete Agents not used.

To allocate licenses:

  1. On the ESM Enterprise Console, right-click My ESM Enterprise. 
  2. Select Enterprise License and click License Management. 
    • Note: You can see how many licenses are allocated to an ESM Manager. 
  3. Click Distribute and set New Allocation. 
    • Note: The new value will replace the previous value. 
  4. Input User Name and Password, Port number. 
    • Note: The User Name is ESM user name not OS user name.
  5. Click Add and click Distribute. 

To delete Agents:

  1. On the ESM Enterprise Console, right-click target Agent. 
  2. Select Delete and click From Manager (UnRegister). 
  3. Click OK when a confirming message prompted.