Switch cloud Tenent to On Premise key store


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Information Centric Encryption


How to switch Information Centric Encryption (ICE) cloud Tenent to On Premise key store


Symantec ICE


  1. In the advanced settings go to the Symantec ICE console and select the gear for advanced settings. (see below screenshot)
  2. Select the Customer-managed On-Premise Key store (see above screenshot)
  3. A warning will appear that the change cannot be undone. 
  4. Select Switchover. 

NOTES: Be Aware the key store is unable to switch back to Cloud key store once changes take effect. 

  • The customer is unable to switch from on-premise to cloud by clicking the radio button 
  • Switching back must be performed by the DevOps team
  • Switching back means losing access to documents encrypted with on-premise keys until customer enables on-premise mode and uses key stores that contain those keys.