Restore on-premise key store


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Information Centric Encryption


How to restore on-premise key store for Information Centric Encryption (ICE) 

What is Restored?

  • All keys will be replaced with keys from the backup
  • Entire admin list will be cleared and replaces with ones from the backup
  • New settings (CustomerID, DomainID, KSB host, UserID & Password) will be applied

What is preserved?

  • Box name will not be changed

What happens after restore?

  • All active KSM logins will be expired including current restore session
  • KSS will attempt to establish connections to KSBs
  • KSM should display 4 of 4 once all connections are established. 


  1. In the Symantec ICE console you can go to the Key Store page.
  2. Select the restore key store. 
  3. Browse to your recovery file and enter in recovery password. 
  4. Select the restore button.