How to clear the Spectrum eHealth mappings via CLI for a single device


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CA Spectrum


In a Spectrum eHealth integration is there a way to use CLI action codes clear the device mappings for a single device?  Are there any options to map the devices again?


Spectrum 9.x Spectrum 10.x integration with CA eHealth


You can clear the mappings at the device level using the following CLI command once connected to VNMSH:


./update action=0x10207 mh=<model_handle> index=0,attr=0,type=0x3,val=<eHealth_machine_id> index=1,attr=0,type=0x11,val=<eHealth_machine_name>


It is not possible to clear only the mappings at the interface level.  If you clear at the device level, the interface mappings are also removed.

It is not possible to add the mappings back programmatically.  If you need to add the mappings you can use the “Map by Ip” button in the OneClick Administration page, eHealth configuration.