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All messages receive unscannable verdict in Messaging Gateway


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Messaging Gateway


Messaging Gateway (SMG) marks all messages as being Unscannable for Disarm after it runs uninterrupted for an extended period of time. The issue that is described in 'All messages receive "Unscannable for other" verdict' is similar. But it has an underlying cause that is not addressed in version 10.6.3.

2018-02-26T02:33:07+09:00 (DEBUG:11524.746231552): [ <10.00.11751.[email protected]>] [src/avoop_connection.cpp:171:init_client_connection] Connect Attempt 1
2018-02-26T02:33:07+09:00 (ERROR:3287.1560274688): [10312] Could not create an MDS object.
2018-02-26T02:33:07+09:00 (ERROR:11524.746231552): [13020] [ <10.00.11751.[email protected]>] Error while reading from socket (socket=9, errno=104).
2018-02-26T02:33:07+09:00 (ERROR:11524.746231552): [24536] [ <10.00.11751.[email protected]>] avoop: receive header error (av_scan_response_header).
2018-02-26T02:33:07+09:00 (ERROR:11524.746231552): [24514] [ <10.00.11751.[email protected]>] avoop: receive av-scan response error.
2018-02-26T02:33:07+09:00 (NOTICE:11524.746231552): [24101] [ <10.00.11751.[email protected]>] Error scanning [unnamed message part], result=13008.
2018-02-26T02:33:07+09:00 (NOTICE:11524.746231552): [24135] [ <10.00.11751.[email protected]>] Antivirus returns unscannable because an error occurred while scanning [unnamed message part].


This issue is addressed in SMG v10.6.5.


Restart the MTA process from the command. The restart causes Messaging Gateway to recreate the temporary space that is allocated for Antivirus (AV) scanning. Alternately, the SMG system can be restarted.

smg> service mta restart