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Multiple Trusted IP list creation in CA Advanced Auth Admin console


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Customer want to have multiple Trusted IP list in Managed List w.r. t Risk Auth. 

Basically our use case is like this:

Trusted  IP list 1, we have IP range to make it Allow 

Trusted IP list 2 , we have IP range to Make it to Alert advise

Steps to create multiple Trusted IP list rules to give different Advise?




Multiple list rules can be created using the IP addresses to provide certain scores and in turn provide different advises when certain IP is matched. Follow the steps below-

1. Login to Admin console with Global Admin privileges and go to organizations tab.

2. Select the Organization and then go to Risk Authentication Configuration tab.

3. Go to Rule and Scoring Management and then select the ruleset and click on Create New Rule.

4. Provide the details about the rule name and select ClientIPAddress and choose Operator as IN_LIST and match type as exact.

5. Create the rule and then Migrate to Production and Refresh the server cache.

6. Repeat the same steps to create another rule which give different advise.

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