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How to upgrade Management Center through File hosting option


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Management Center


Management Center (MGMT CTR) after 1.7.x has a Files sub menu to host Files like a web server.
Default is https scheme URL
By default, MGMT CTR has no way to validate Certificates. Please enable Port 80 for pulling the file for devices like Reporter and itself.


To upgrade MGMT CTR using its own File Hosting option, it can be done following the WebGuide here:

The thing that the documentation does not state is:

  • If http-proxy is enabled, MGMT CTR cannot loopback to itself and retrieve the file from the Host Partition and upload the image file to the upgrade partition.
  • Please change the URL given from the File hosting section to: Scheme http and port 8080
  • Enable Port 80 to be able to get the file.


Copy the URL given in the File host option and change the following:

  • Scheme: from https:// to http://
  • Port: from 8082 to 8080
  • If the URL was listed as FQDN or Hostname: Change to IP address

Enable port 80

# security http enable

If using the http-proxy to get out to the Internet (Re-enable if needed after getting file)

# http-proxy disable

Upload the MGMT CTR file from the Hosted File option Partition to the upgrade Partition

# installed-systems add <http://IP:8080/path>

If needed make the new image the default

# installed-systems view
# installed-systems default <index_number>

Reboot to run the new image

# restart reboot

Re-enable http-proxy if needed

# http-proxy enable

Disable http Port 80

# security http disable