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Migrating Policy from Web.Cloud to Web Security Service During New Registration


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Current Symantec Web Security.Cloud customers now have a process to migrate the static location IP address and applicable policy rules to a new Web Security Service instance during their initial registration.


Follow the steps below to migrate policy during an initial registration. 

  1.  Once you've logged into the Threatpulse Portal, you're prompted with the initial configuration page - Product Configuration. 
    1. Locate the Web Security product line and click the Configure link, which is in the Action column.
  2. Threatpulse displays the Default Policy Page. 
    1. Select Import
    2. Click Next
  3. The next screen is Mobile Users; click Next
  4. The next screen is Static Location
    1. Click Import Web Routes from Web Security.Cloud. The portal displays a credential challenge dialog. 
    2. Enter your Web Security.Cloud admin credentials and click Connect
    3. From the Access Method drop down list, select the web route method that is equivalent to what you had configured in Security Web.Cloud-Firewall/VPN (IPsec), Proxy Forwarding, Explicit Proxy.
    4. Select the Country and Time Zone for that Access Method Location. This helps Symantec assure that there is adequate processing resource in each geographic data center.
    5. The portal displays the Available Web Route IPs. Select the ones that you want associated with this Access Method and click Add to move them to the Import as Locations area.
    6. If you employing more than one static Access Method, repeat Steps 3, 4, and 5.
    7. Click Import to close the dialog.
      1. The portal adds these new locations to the Static Location wizard screen.
    8. Click Next.
  5. The next screen is Auth Connector Setup. Advanced Web Security Service admins will understand what these configurations are, but you can configure the Authentication method at a later time. Furthermore, the wizard does not support SAML authentication configuration. Click Next.
  6. The final wizard screen completes the On-boarding. Proceed to the next section to begin policy migration.
  7. Click Finish and Import Policy. 
    1. WSS connects to your Web.Cloud account, retrieves the policy rules and runs a compatibility analysis. The portal displays a result matrix. 
    2. WSS and Web.Cloud policies do not perfectly align. For example, WSS does not support Quota-based policies. Based on the analysis, the portal displays any differentiations. 
      1. At this time, you can elect to analyze the discrepancies offline and potentially adjust Security Web.Cloud policies before returning to complete the import. You can click Download Report to save a local HTML file of the matrix.
      2. If you elect to continue with the policy import and will adjust the policies after they have been imported to the Web Security Service portal, click Import to continue. 
  8. Click Import. 
    1. The portal displays a progress bar as the import occurs.
  9. Upon import completion, the portal displays a results dialog. 
    1. If the result is a green check mark, the policy successfully migrated. To view them, navigate to Solutions mode > Content Filtering > Policy (after this registration process completes). Proceed to Step 10.
    2. If there are discrepancies, the portal informs you that you can navigate to Service mode > Account Maintenance > Web Security.Cloud to review (after this registration process completes).
  10. Click Close. The portal returns you to the Product Configuration page.
  11. Click Continue (lower-right corner) to enter the WSS portal.