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Unable to configure a Static Report on Management Center


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Management Center


When there is a necessity to manage some ProxySG Appliances, or other solutions (as the following ones), and it's need to manage everything in a single console:

  • Advanced Secure Gateway
  • Content Analysis System
  • Malware Analysis
  • PacketShaper
  • Reporter
  • Security Analytics
  • SSL Visibility
  • Web Security Service

The Management Center (MC), is able to provide Static and Health information from all those ProxySG appliances that are added into the console.


Management Center (MC)


To add a new appliance into the MC, you will need to follow the below steps:

Add a ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway using Credential Authentication or a Public Key Authentication:
  1. Select the Network tab.
  2. (Optional) Browse to the hierarchy and folders/subfolders where you want to add the device.
  3. Click Add Device. The system displays the Add Device wizard.
  4. Select the device type.
  5. Specify the Modes:
    • Select Existing device if the device is already installed, or Unavailable (pre-deployment) if the device is not available yet.
    • Select Read/Write or Read Only.
    • Specify whether to monitor the health of the device.
    • Specify whether to collect statistics for the device. See View Statistics Monitoring Reports. - In this case you must select "collect statistics".
      • ‚ÄčIf you had already added a ProxySG into the MC system, you can edit the configuration and select the "collect statistics".
  6. In Connection, click Credentials or Public Key. Set the following:
    • The IP address or hostname of the device.
    • The SSH port.
      • The username and password you use to authenticate to the device.
      • Your enable password for administrator actions.
    • OR
      • Your enable password for administrator actions.
    • Confirm whether to Enable host key validation (recommended).
  7. Click Connect. Management Center attempts to connect to the device using the information you entered.
  8. If you enabled host key validation, verify the SSH Host Fingerprint and click Accept.
  9. Management Center attempts to connect to the appliance. If the connection is established, the system displays Successful.

    • If the connection test fails, you receive an error. Make sure that the information you entered is correct and try again. If the connection test succeeds, you receive a success message.
  10. Verify or change the Device Name.
  11. Optional—Input any applicable attributes. See Add Attributes.
  12. Click Save.
The Network tab displays the device and the web console displays an alert indicating that the device was added and activated.

After being able to add a new ProxySG appliance, you will need to configure the Statistics Monitoring:
To view Statistics Monitoring reports:
  1. Select Reports Statistics Monitoring.
  2. Select a report from Devices or WAN Optimization.
  3. From a dashboard widget, you can also Display a Full Report.
  4. Refine reports to make them more useful:
    • Display data for a specific time period.
    • Add metrics to focus on specific data.