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Remote logging of Admin Audit Events


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Messaging Gateway


Messaging Gateway (SMG) logs administrative actions taken in the Control Center to a local Brightmail_Admin_Events log file. Admin audit events can also be logged to a remote syslog server through the configuration of Administration->Logs->Remote.


Messaging Gateway


To configure remote logging of admin event logs, the Control Center will need to be configured to use syslog logging to a remote server. Once remote logging is configured, admin audit events will be remotely logged using the syslog authpriv facility.

  1. Log into the Control Center as an administrator
  2. Go to Administration->Logs->Remote
  3. Select Control Center from the server list
  4. Configure the syslog server IP
  5. Configure the port. The default is set to the standard syslog port of 514
  6. Select either the UDP (recommended) or TCP protocol
  7. Click Save