Software Library FAQ for Software Management Solution 8.1


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Software Management Solution


The Software Library and the Software Catalog provides functionality and dynamic abilities for managing Software. Sometimes these two items are used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. The question on how the Software Library interacts with the Software Catalog will be covered here. This Frequently Asked Questions has been created to provide information and help you administer and successfully use the Software Library along side the Software Catalog. This FAQ was written against version 8.1 of the Software Management Framework, but the details still apply to all previous versions, and probably future versions as well.

Questions contained in this FAQ:

  • What is the Software Library?    
  • Is the Software Library required?    
  • Why use the Software Library?    
  • When should I not use the Software Library?    
  • What are Common Misconceptions of the Software Library?    
  • How can a user create a package within the Software Library?


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