Maximum URL length that can be defined in the ProxySG Content Filter's Local Database


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  1. What is the maximum URL length that can be defined in the Local Database ?
  2. An ERROR: (line x): Input line too long when the Local Database is loaded into the ProxySG.

Download log:
  Local database download at: 2018/03/05 14:50:01 +0900
  Downloading from
  Compiling database
    Defining category: A
      ERROR: (line 7): Input line too long
      There was 1 error
    Database build failed



The maximum length allowed for each entry in the Local Database is 1000 bytes, consisting of 997 bytes for the URL and 1 byte each for <CR>, <LF>, and <null terminator>. Therefore, a maximum of 997 bytes can be entered for each URL in the Local Database file.