Workflow Designer: Libraries tab in project properties does not reflect the correct library information.


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Libraries tab in Project Properties does not reflect the correct library information, visibly - the Last Modified date. This can cause confusion about the version of library used or included in the project.

An example: A custom integration library is created and added to the project. Then the same integration library is updated and recompiled. When a project is opened and library information checked in Libraries tab of project properties the original Last Modified date (from when it was added to the project) is still displayed for the integration library.


This is the current product behaviour.

There is no functional impact but it does make it more difficult to observe if the intended library version is used.


Workflow 8.0
Workflow 8.1


This behaviour has been fixed in Workflow/ServiceDesk 8.5.

With default configuration when a library is added the version in Workflow\Shared\customlib folder is used. Unless there is a separate copy of the library in the project folder in bin subfolder the version in customlib is actually used despite when is shown in Libraries tab.