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Getting "WebContentLayer Dropped:: "Appliance" From row 1" Error when opening or installing Visual Policy Manager


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


The "WebContentLayer Dropped:: "Appliance" From row 1" message appears when opening the Visual Policy Manager (VPM), when installing the VPM or upgrading from SGOS 6.5 to 6.6

WebContentLayer Dropped:: "Appliance" From row 1




  • This issue may happen when downgrading SGOS, and the User Interface (UI) is still in an upgraded version
  • It can occur when upgrading from SGOS 6.5.x.x to 6.6.x.x


Reset the UI to fix the issue

  1. Close the Visual Policy Manager (VPM).
  2. Reset the user interface. Do this through the Command Line Interface (CLI).
  3. SSH to the proxy, go in to enable mode and type the following commands:
SGOS# conf t
SGOS#(config) ui
SGOS#(config ui) reset
  1. Once the UI is reset via Secure Shell (SSH), go back to the Proxy Management Console and Launch the VPM.
  2. Immediately click on Install.

Note: Do not make any changes to the VPM before installing.


Alternative Solution

  • The above steps were not available to a Virtual Proxy on SGOS
  • Restarting the Virtual Image did not resolve the issue
  • Upgrade to SGOS or higher