Prerequisites for Box Securlet


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What prerequisites are required before enabling the Box securlet?


To enable the Box Securlet on your CloudSOC account:

  •  You must have Administrator privileges on your CloudSOC account.
  •  You must have an enterprise account on Box.
  •  The email address you use as the username for the administrator login on your Box account must be exactly the same as the email address that you use as your CloudSOC username. Furthermore, this email address must be within the primary or secondary domains listed for your Elastica CloudSOC account. To confirm, login to CloudSOC, choose <username> > Settings > General , and check your domains. If necessary, contact Elastica technical support to add additional secondary domains.
  •  We strongly recommend that a Box administrator activates the Securlet. However, if necessary, a Box Co-Admin can activate the Securlet, subject to the following limitations:
    •  CloudSoc does not have visibility into the activities of Box Admin and other Co-admins.
    •  CloudSoc cannot scan the documents of the Box Admin and other Co-admins
    •  CloudSoc cannot remediate the content of the Box Admin and other Co-admins
  • The Co-Admin must hold the following administrative privileges. Otherwise the Securlet exhibits API failures and loss of functionality:
    •  Manage users
    •  Manage groups
    •  View users' content
    •  Edit users' content
    •  Log in to users' accounts
    •  View settings for your company
    •  Edit settings for your company
    •  Run new reports and access existing reports