How Web.Cloud URL Categories translate to WSS URL Categories
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How Web.Cloud URL Categories translate to WSS URL Categories


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Once you have imported your existing Web.Cloud Policy into Threatpulse (Web Security Service), you will find that many categories are different.

Below is table of how existing Web.Cloud URL Categories directly translate to Web Security Service URL Categories. 


RuleSet Name ClientNet Name WSS Name
Abortion Abortion Abortion
Advertising & Popups Advertisement & Popups Web Ads/Analytics
Alcohol Alcohol Alcohol
Anonymizer Anonymizer Proxy Avoidance
Art and Museums Arts Art/Culture
Art Nudes Art Nudes Nudity
Automotive Motor Vehicles Vehicles
Blogging Blogs Personal Sites
Business Business Business/Economy
Chat Chat Chat (IM)/SMS
Content Delivery Networks Content Delivery Networks Content Servers
Criminal Activity Illegal Activity Scam/Questionable/Illegal
Cult Cult Alternative Spirituality/Belief
Personals & Dating Personals & Dating Personals/Dating
Drugs Illegal Drugs Controlled Substances OR Marijuana
Educational Site Education Education
Energy Energy Business/Economy
Enterprise Email Enterprise Webmail Email
Entertainment and Music Entertainment Entertainment OR Humor/Jokes
Peer-to-Peer Peer-to-Peer Peer-to-Peer
Finance Finance & Investment Financial Services OR Brokerage/Trading
Food Food & Dining Restaurants/Dining/Food
Forums & Messageboards Forums & Messageboards Newsgroups/Forums
Freeware and Software Downloads Freeware and Software Downloads Software Downloads
Gambling Gambling Gambling
Gaming Games Games
Glamour Fashion & Beauty Society/Daily Living
Gore Gore Extreme
Government Government Government/Legal
Hacking Hacking Hacking OR Piracy/Copyright Concerns
Hate Intolerance & Hate Violence/Hate/Racism
Health and Medicine Health and Medicine Health
Hobbies Hobbies & Recreation Society/Daily Living
Hosting Sites Hosting and Data Sites Web Hosting
Internet Telephony Voice Over IP Internet Telephony
Job Search Job Search Job Search/Careers
Kids Kids Sites For Kids
Law Site Law Site Government/Legal
Lingerie Intimate Apparel & Swimsuit Intimate Apparel/Swimsuit
Mature Content Mature Adult/Mature Content
Military Military Military
Mobile Entertainment Mobile Phone Downloads Software Downloads
Music Music Entertainment OR Radio/Audio Streams
News News News/Media
Nudism and Naturism Nudity Nudity
Non Profit Philanthropic & Professional Orgs Charitable Organizations
Occult Occult Alternative Spirituality/Belief
Backup Backup File Sharing/Storage
Pets Pets Society/Daily Living
Photo (Image) Searches Image Search Mixed Content/Potentially Adult
Placeholder Placeholder Placeholders
Plagiarism Plagiarism Scam/Questionable/Illegal
Politics Politics Political/Social Advocacy
Pornography Pornography Pornography
Portal Site Portal Search Engines/Portals
Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate
Reference Reference Reference
Religion Religion Religion
Science Site Science Reference
Search Search Search Engines/Portals
Self-Harm Self-Harm Violence/Hate/Racism
Sex Education Sex Education Sex Education
Shopping Shopping Shopping OR Auctions
Sports Sports Sports/Recreation
Streaming Media Streaming Media Radio/Audio Streaming
Suicide Suicide Violence/Hate/Racism
Technology and Telecommunication Computing & Internet Computer/Information Security
Tobacco Tobacco Tobacco
Travel Travel Travel
Violence Violence Violence/Hate/Racism
Virtual Community Social Networking Social Networking
Weapons Weapons Weapons
Webmail Webmail Email
Wedding Wedding Society/Daily Living
Dynamic Dynamic Mixed Content/Potentially Adult
No Category Neutral Uncategorized
Phishing & Fraud Phishing & Fraud Phishing
Ammunition Weapons Weapons
Bikini Sites Lingerie Intimate Apparel/Swimsuit
Cash Gambling Gambling Gambling
Guns Weapons Weapons
Knives Weapons Weapons
Martial Weapons Weapons
Sexual Advice Mature Content Sex Education
Weapons Accessories Weapons Weapons
Business, Wireless Business Business/Economy
Caches & Archives Caches & Archives Reference
Spam URLs Spam URLs Spam
Spyware Spyware Malicious Sources/Malnets
Unclassified Unclassified Uncategorized