Metric Collector Error – Missing KPI


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


This may happen during the nightly job processing or when the metric collector is executed manually

Metric [<Metric Name>] does not exist in <Server Name> <Cube Name>


KPI does not exist in ICA cube.  This may be due to accidental deletion of a KPI in the location specified in the Metrics table.


Information Centric Analytics (ICA) database server (Metric Collector Logs)


Recreate missing KPI in the appropriate location or purge the metric/KPI entry from the Metrics table in the ICA  database (if KPI is no longer needed).

To recreate the missing KPI, pull the information from the metrics table as to where the KPI should be located.  Out-of-the-box KPIs are located in the ICA  cube on the SQL Analysis Server.  For recreating KPIs, the information can either be pulled from a backup of the Analysis Services database or another instance of the ICA  cube. 

If the missing KPI is no longer required, search for the corresponding metric record in the Metrics table in the ICA database and delete the record from the table.  It is advisable to create a backup of the Metrics table prior to changing the data.


CAUTION: These commands assume a basic understanding of SQL. Any changes to the Database pose the potential to affect the operation of the product. ALWAYS ENSURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATABASE BEFORE MAKING CHANGES.

In order for Symantec to provide full support of the schema and the DB environment, you have to be running the database in the version specific to the used version as outlined in the System Requirements Guide. Please see the limitations section at