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PC Transplant (PCT) migrates all user profiles regardless of selected users


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Symantec Products


This issue is present under the following scenario: Multiple or all user profiles are captured from console via a PCT Personality Capture Task.  The PCT package and executable that was created, then get's copied down to the client manually.  At this point the PCT executable is then run manually and the user is given the option to select which user profiles to transfer. Regardless of which users profiles are selected, all user profiles are selected in the next screen and the only option is to deselect everything that is not to be transferred.


There is no error message.  The process will complete as normal.  This is simply a defect in the product.


This effects all versions of PC Transplant up to 8.1 RU5.


The root cause of this issue is a design flaw.


This issue has been fixed in 8.1 RU6.  Please upgrade to 8.1 RU6 to resolve the issue.