Obtain a packet capture from a Mac computer using Terminal
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Obtain a packet capture from a Mac computer using Terminal


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You would like to diagnose a network issue and submit the packet capture to support.


Mac OS


First, document the BSD Device Name:

  1. Log in with your administrator username and password.

  2. While holding down the Option key, select the Apple menu> Select System Information.

  3. Select Network

  4. Select Network Interface (Ethernet or Wi-Fi)

  5. Under the details section, find "BSD Device Name." (example en0)

Then, proceed to capture the packet:

  • Open your Applications folder> Utilities> Terminal,

  • Type the following command (replace BSDname with your BSD device name) 

sudo tcpdump -1 BSDname -s 0 -B 524288 -w ~/Desktop/DumpFile01.pcap

  • Press return, then enter your Admin username & password

Your Terminal should say  tcpdump: listening on... to indicate that it is listening for activity

  • Leave the Terminal open.  Perform the network function you would like to test.

  • When complete, return to the Terminal and press Control-C to capture the packet trace.  

  • The trace will be saved to the desktop in a file named "DumpFile01.pcap"

  • Email the file to your case

If you would like to see the contents, enter the following command:
tcpdump -s 0 -n -e -x -vvv -r ~/Desktop/DumpFile01.pcap