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After installing Web Agent to protect OHS 12C the web server does not start


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We have installed a Web Agent to protect the applications on OHS 12C, and even if the installation and configuration succeeded with no errors, when we try to start the web server it does not start:

Starting server ohs1 ...
Error Starting server ohs1: weblogic.nodemanager.NMException: Received error message from Node Manager Server: [Server start command for OHS server 'ohs1' failed due to: [Failed to start the server ohs1  

Why is this happening? How can we solve this issue?


Web Agent : R12.52 SP1 CR02OHS 12C (12.1.3)


This issue is caused when the SSO module is loaded, and the OHS nodemanager tries to access as a health check to verify if OHS is up, which ends up being protected, and since the authentication is unsuccessful, the nodemanager shuts down and causing the errors when it sends a SIGTERM to This is occurring as you are protecting the root of the OHS web server, which includes the /dms/ resource which is being requested in these checks.

Therefore, you need to unprotect the root resource (resource: / and rule: *) to solve the issue.

This is also noted as a known issue in the Release Notes:

Root Directories Cannot Be Protected with Oracle HTTP Server 12c (62038)