Using The Force Bypass Feature "Temporarily Bypass All Proxy Services"
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Using The Force Bypass Feature "Temporarily Bypass All Proxy Services"


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


Bypassing all proxy services for troubleshooting is possible by using the Force Bypass option: Temporarily Bypass All Proxy Services.

In a transparent deployment it is possible to bypass all of the ProxySG services for troubleshooting purposes or if working through an outage.

The feature is intended as an interim solution while traffic problems are repaired. When the bypass is invoked, transparent proxy connections are bypassed and explicit proxy connections are rejected.


Force Bypass All Proxy Services

1. From the Management Console, select the Configuration > Services > Proxy Services tab.

2. In the Force Bypass area, select the Temporarily Bypass All Proxy Services checkbox (the text will turn red when checked).

3. Click Apply. 

To view the bypassed connections navigate to Statistics > Sessions > Active Sessions > Bypassed Connections and click Show. 

Note: When enabling Force Bypass, the action applies only to new connections. Existing connections will be unaffected. So when viewing active sessions, existing connections which were established prior to enabling Force Bypass will still be present. You can confirm this by viewing the Age field of the sessions.