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What customization is required when upgrading IMS?


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CA Distributed Database Management CA Database Analyzer for DB2 for Oracle


What customization is required for the CA Database Management Solutions for IMS when upgrading IMS?


Component: DCCADM


For all IMS version specific code we provide a version specific module in the shipped product load library (CIMTLOAD). Our front-end-controller automatically detects the IMS version at run-time, so there is no need to re-assembe the modules when upgrading IMS versions.

We use the following module suffixing for IMS version specific code:

J suffixes the v11 specific modules
K suffixes the v12 specific modules
L suffixes the v13 specific modules
M suffixes the v14 suffix modules

So for example, for release r19, we support IMS versions K, L and M and these versions of the modules are included in the r19 CIMTLOAD.

The only customization therefore is to ensure the JCL is using the correct IMS SDFSRESL, defined to DD DFSRESLB.