Error On Reporter Upgrading Through Management Center - "Download Failed (connection error or malformed URL)"
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Error On Reporter Upgrading Through Management Center - "Download Failed (connection error or malformed URL)"


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Management Center Reporter


Upgrading Reporter from Management Center is failing. The bcsi file has been uploaded  to Symantec Management Center but when trying to download the file from Reporter it's failing with an error, "Download Failed (connection error or malformed URL)".

By default, when the upgrade file is hosted on Management Center and URL will be https://<Management_Center_FQDN>:8082/path

However, for the upgrade of the Reporter to work, it needs to be on port 8080 using the IP (not the FQDN) of the Management Center. Also, the Reporter and Management Center cannot be using a Proxy while doing the upgrade.


#reporter installed-systems add http://<management_center_IP:8082/fs/download/<file_name>

Download Failed (connection error or malformed URL)




On the Management Center

By default, HTTP (port 8080) is disabled on Management Center since the release of the 1.7.x code.

  • To enable HTTP on Management Center which is required to upgrade the Reporter, enter the following commands on the Management Center in configure mode:

Management Center (config)# security http enable
Management Center (config)# security http view
HTTP Access is enabled

If an HTTP Proxy is enabled to get out to the internet, it is required to disable that while doing the upgrade of the Reporter.

  • To disable it, run the following command on the Management Center:

Management Center (config)# http-proxy disable


Next, upload the image file to Management Center and edit the download URL and port of the hosted file.

  • From Management Center > Configuration Tab > Files > Add file (navigate to the .bcsi file)
  • Once uploaded > Click on file > Click on Copy URL button on top menu > Copy the URL

Example URL:

Then Change the URL: https > http and port from 8082 > 8080. Also change the URL to IP address and not a hostname or FQDN, to eliminate any DNS issues as well.

Example URL with changes:

You can test the modified URL with http 8080 directly in your browser, to verify whether the file can be downloaded from the Management Center. 



On Reporter

If a Proxy is enabled in Reporter, it will be required to disable the http-proxy temporarily in configure mode because the connection to Management Center will fail through the Proxy.

  • From Reporter CLI, execute the command:

Reporter (config)# http-proxy disable

  • Now run the command to download the new image to Reporter, using the Management Center modified URL:

Reporter# reporter installed-systems add http://<management_center_IP>:8080/fs/download/xxx


  • After Reporter downloaded the image file, go back to Management Center CLI and disable the HTTP service:

Management Center (config)# security http disable

  • If it's required to use the http-proxy to get out to internet on Management Center or Reporter run the command:

(config)# http-proxy enable