How to monitor folder uploads in Internet explorer
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How to monitor folder uploads in Internet explorer


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


With default settings the java app used when uploading folders is not monitored.


DLP 14.x
DLP 15.x

Cause uses a separate java app that runs using jp2launcher.exe. This is a separate executable that is not monitored within Internet Explorer.


Use the following steps to properly monitor folder uploads.

1. Go to System > Agents > Application Monitoring.
2. Click Add Application > Windows
3. Use the following settings. Note AFA needs to be set to (open):

4. Click Save
5. Go to System > Agents > Agent Configuration
6. Edit the applicable configuration
7. Add a Monitoring Filter that ignores application file access for the path $LocalAppDataLow$\Sun\Java\*.
8. After you save the filter, set the filter priority above any filter that monitors .jar, .zip and .xpi file types for application file access.
9. Save the Agent Configuration
10. Apply the Configuration to the agent group

Afer the agent checks in and download the new configuration monitoring will work as expected with non violating files being uploaded and blocked files being blocked.