Ghost peer to peer multicast session not starting
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Ghost peer to peer multicast session not starting


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Ghost Solution Suite


A deploy disk image job is ran on a group of machines within the Ghost Solution Suite console.  The expectation is that this group of machines will image using the Peer-to-Peer multicast process for deploying the image.  After the machine load into WinPE automation each machine in the group starts its own unicast imaging process.  The Peer-to-Peer multicast session is never achieved and there are no errors generated by Ghost.

There will be no errors in this situation.  The client machines will simply receive their image in a unicast session.


A deploy image task with Data transfer mode (Ghost Only) enabled

Peer-to-Peer Multicast using Ghost enabled


This issue can be caused by an incorrect value being set during the creation of the deploy image task.


Modifications have been made to the default values for these settings which will prevent this issue.  Please upgrade to Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 RU6 or later.

Prior to RU6 follow the instructions below

To resolve this issue you must first edit your existing deploy image task.  Disable the Data transfer mode (Ghost Only) option and save the task.  Then edit the task again and enable the Data transfer mode (Ghost Only) option.  Choose the radial button for Peer-to-Peer Multicast using Ghost.

After choosing the Peer-to-Peer Multicast using Ghost option you'll then be given a new pop up box.

The value you want to focus on is the first one - Specify maximum number of Clients to participate in Multicast session: - the default value for this is 2.  This means that if you schedule your multicast image job to more than 2 machines you will never achieve a peer-to-peer multicast session.  If you do not set this value at the time of initially enabling Peer-to-Peer then the default value of 2 is set and you aren't asked again.  The only option is to disable the Data transfer mode (Ghost Only) save the task and then editing the task again and enabling it again.  You want to change the default value of 2 to something higher like 50 or 100.  This will allow your multicast job to start with any number of machines below that value.