How to perform a full ProxySG backup through Management Center


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Management Center ProxySG Software - SGOS


In this article, we will explain how to perform a full backup of a ProxySG appliance through the Management Center.


  1. On the MC go to Network > Select the device you want to backup > Operations > Backup devices

  1. Then, with the device selected click on Create Job and Next 

  1. Fill in the requested information, and click on Next


  1. Click on Include Private Data if you want to backup any Keyring visible to the Management Center. Keep in mind that if it's not visible to the MC it won't be backed up. Also, as long the backup is not encrypted you can actually view it by clicking on the View Backup button.


- While the Backup configuration taken from the ProxySG ( Configuration > General > Archive) doesn't include information entered during the initial setup wizard, such as DNS configuration, the backup taken from the Management Center includes it (as an expanded backup).

-On the next steps, the MC will perform a connectivity test, and will ask you for schedule this backup in case you would like to do it periodically.