Using ContentIQ profiles in Protect


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Use a ContentIQ profile while creating a policy in protect


You use ContentIQ profiles when you create certain policies in the Elastica Protect application:

  1. Enable the appropriate Risk Type(s) in Settings > Content Inspection
  2. Create a new policy in Protect of one of the following types:
    • Data Exposure via Securlets--Content inspection is performed on files and documents that are already in the cloud. Note : In order to use a ContentIQ profile in a Data Exposure via Securlets policy, the profile’s Include in Securlet Scan setting must be set to Included .
    • File Transfer via Gatelets™--Content inspection is done on files and documents before they are placed in the cloud.
  3. When you define rules for the policy, use the rules in the Content Inspection area to build a list of ContentIQ profiles to test for, or leave as-is to not match any ContentIQ profile. When you choose multiple ContentIQ profiles, the rule is matched if any of the ContentIQ profiles are matched.