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Error Generating final processed report. A string can be at most 65534 characters long while running a CER job in CCS.


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Running a CER job that specifies using the Comprehensive Patch Assessment Standard as well as the  "Evaluation Result Asset View" report template.

Error in message tab of the CER job run is: "Error Generating final processed report. A string can be at most 65534 characters long".



CCS 11.1 and higher running Patch Assessment Cumulative Update (PACU) 2017-1 or higher.



With the introduction of PACU 2017-1 the amount of patch assessment data exceeded the field limits of the report template.



A new version of the "Evaluation Results Asset View" template was created that overflows the data into additional fields.  This template is available for install.

Please contact Symantec support for this updated template and an SQL script to insert it into the CCS product.

NOTE:  While this new template will allow the Crystal report to be viewed and exported from inside the CCS console, the amount of patch assessment data that created the overflow condition in the report template will also lead to the failure to export data (e.g. PDF, XLS, CSV) due to its size.  There are limits enforced by the manufacturers of the 3rd party DLLs used in these exports.  To avoid the inability to export it is recommended that Symantec's newer "Windows Patch Assessment" standard be used which does not generate so much extraneous data.



UpdateEvaluationResultsAssetViewReportTemplate.sql get_app
Evaluation_Results_Asset_View_Modified_65534_String_limit.rpt get_app