Sysinfo and troubleshooting logs file upload from Content Analysis
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Sysinfo and troubleshooting logs file upload from Content Analysis


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Content Analysis Software - CA


Customer is asked to upload Content Analysis Sysinfo and Troubleshooting logs file to Support for troubleshooting.


Management Console > Utilities > System Information > Copy entire content and save as text file 
Then, upload via the case portal

Troubleshooting logs file: 

  1. Go to Management Console > Utilities > Troubleshooting > Create Troubleshooting Log 
  2. When prompted, you may select Cores to include in the logs. These are generated on a crash and may be needed to troubleshoot those issues. Otherwise, it is not necessary to include a core unless asked by an engineer.
  3. Click the Create button

    The filename appears in the list:
  4. You can either upload directly to the support ticket by using the option of "Upload selected logs to service request" and using service ticket format as <8-digit SR number> (e.g.: 12345678)
    download this file to your workstation and upload via the case portal.


To upload the troubleshooting information to the case portal via the command line:

# diagnostics ?

activate-remote-access:  Activate remote diagnostics access so that Symantec Support can help troubleshoot an issue on your appliance.

heartbeat view | send:  View current heartbeat report or send it to Symantec.

service-info send | :  Generate and upload the service diagnostics information to Symantec. Enter the case number if you have opened a support case. Type service-info send ? to see a list of components that you can send; Support will typically request components to send.



# diagnostics heartbeat send

# diagnostics service-info send libraries