Impact on Cloud Data Protection with Sales force's Removal of Certain Domains


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CDP for Salesforce CDP Integration Server


  • is changing the hostname of Visual force, Community Builder, Studio, and content file URLs by removing instance names from URLs.
  • This critical update applies to orgs that have a deployed My Domain.
  • It will be activated automatically on March 16, 2019. Reference Salesforce Spring '18 Release Notes
  • The following new domains are introduced
    • *
    • *
    • *


To remedy the change, the following changes will be required:

  1. New SAN certificate needs to be adapted to CDP Integration Server with the following new wildcard entries:
  • *.visualforce.<CDP Integartion Server Hostname> (e.g. *
  • *.documentforce.<CDP Integartion Server Hostname> (e.g. *
  • *.sfdc-communities.<CDP Integartion Server Hostname>(e.g. *
For steps to adapt the new SAN certificate to the CDP Integration Server's ssl-keystore, please reach out to Support.


  1. Adding corresponding roothosts for the new domains in CDP Integration Server's configfile.xml, under <revproxy:domains>:

        <revproxy:roothost name="" shortform="visualforce">

        <revproxy:roothost name="" shortform="documentforce">

        <revproxy:roothost name="" shortform="sfdc-communities">

The steps above will require a restart of the CDP Integration Server.